Friday, February 20, 2009

Going tubing

Sisters. What they won’t do for each other. The lengths they’ll go to, just to make everything a shared experience. Usually, I think it’s an enviable bond.

E’s ear infections haven’t cleared up, even after
atomic-bomb level prescriptions were deployed. And L’s eye is, as predicted, dacrostenosically still gunky.

So: ear tubes under general anesthesia on March 9th, and eye tube under general anesthesia on March 11th. Mark it on your calendars: party week (with a moment of silence for my sick leave) at the noteverstill house! For a rehearsal dinner, they’re sharing a pre-op visit to the pediatrician on March 2nd, where we’ll play that oldie-but-goodie party game known as Whose Goo is Greener? And if time allows, maybe we’ll also squeeze in a quick round of Pin the CVS Scrip on the Oozing Orifice. Prizes will be awarded.

When we were at the grocery store last weekend E successfully negotiated a new box of Dora the Explorer bandaids but from what I gather they’re not very good at covering tear ducts or ear drums or parents’ emotional scars, so I’m not really sure why we needed them.

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