Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eyes and ears and…

L saw the eye specialist on Monday and got super fancy eye drops. And today E went to the ear specialist, who immediately said, “Amoxycillin? Pffft!” and then upgraded her prescription to the Really Good Stuff.

And if you’re worrying if there’s any truth to that urban legend that one day, we’ll all need stronger drugs because the regular ones have lost their efficacy, look no further than my girls. They wear out regular prescriptions before breakfast. Anything in the $10 copay category cowers before their might. Behold, Supergoop! Peek behind the pink curtain for the crusty eyelashes kind. Peek behind the purple, if you dare, for the causing 40% hearing loss middle ear kind.

If you should feel the need to start stitching my family a sampler for our wall, please let it read:

Building conventional medicinal resistance, one cranial orifice at a time. Pin It