Monday, February 2, 2009

Diagnosis dacrostenosis

Lest I let this space deteriorate into some trite woe-is-me medical issues blog, let's start with sunshine and daisies.

Sunshine: L has twelve teeth now.
Daisies: E's two favorite books right now are about moose and wild boars, respectively.
Sunshine: L learned two new words today: cookie, which she pronounces coo-coo, and dog, which she excitedly pronounces cock!
Daisies: E told me today that her sister is her best friend.


So. Dacrostenosis. L's eye did not clear up. Here are the medical highlights. The next solution for L is surgical: she will have a teeny tiny fingernail clipping-sized silicone tube threaded down through the corner of her eye to open the passage between her tear duct and her nasal sinuses, where it will stay for several months. There will be general anesthesia, and there will be bleeding.


The doctor was reassuring that this should work, that L will not feel extended discomfort, that this should work. After patiently answering manifold questions she casually mentioned that the tube will be slightly visible in the corner of L's eye. This shouldn't pose any concerns. Unless, of course, she somehow rubs it out or starts tugging at it, in which case we repeat the procedure from square one (anesthesia).

And now I keep thinking about the critical mitochondrial periscope that will be peeking out on the outside world, reporting back to the host colony that took up infectious residence in my daughter's narrow passages and plotting how one eye socket was a good start, now let's take over that whole big PLANET.

Edited to add: see how the surgery turned out here. (Spoiler: she did great!) Pin It