Monday, January 12, 2009

Still life citing Billy Mays

January 11, 2009
Our eating area, now with TWICE the boosting power! You won't believe it!

For several weeks now when L has begun fussing in her high chair I've taken her out and held her in the pink booster on the chair next to me so I could finish eating my food at the table. It's worked well. L holds herself well in the booster, doesn't climb out, and sits very proudly at the same level as anyone else who's eating. Then this weekend E realized what I was doing, and felt suddenly needy for the booster she's neglected for months. So we didn't hesitate to buy a second one, because this is a dream come true: finally through these latest developments, a mere booster seat transforms into a device that makes E want to stay seated in her chair. Our big girl kicks out those ants in her pants for the glory that is claiming the birthright of the pink throne; our little girl lets us eat together for more than 12 seconds for the glory of feeling included; and for the miracle of a couple of chunks of phthalate-free molded foam, we get to taste teeny, baby-spoon-sized nibbles of that pie in the sky known as family dinner. Pin It