Friday, January 9, 2009


E likes to be my sushi helper. This means she tells me which piece to eat next. On Wednesday she went a step further: she picked up each piece and dipped it in the soy sauce and rubbed it in the wasabi for me. When she got distracted, I reached for a piece on my own. She grabbed it out of my fingers and said No, Mama! Wait so I can make it slobbery for you first!


L has 10 documented teeth, and perhaps one illegal alien with no papers. She likes to use these laborers to gnaw on the hard-water deposits at the bottom of the pull-thing you yank on the spigot to switch from bath to shower. Resistance is futile.


This is what happens to the kitchen when both girls want to help make the cookies:

The cookie cutters and the sprinkles shakers get happy, because they know they'll all get to have a turn.

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