Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still life with gift

November 24, 2009
Still life for Eid al-Adha

For the Muslim holiday that will be celebrated at the end of this week it is traditional to give your friends gifts. So I learned yesterday when the woman in whose care I've left both girls since infancy surprised me with this present. It's called Amber Ood, she told me, and when I opened it I found a perfume oil that smelled like her - a smell I've associated over almost four years with calm and safety and warmth and love. 'Made in Dubai,' it says in English on the bottom of the bottle.

When I am taken aback by a generous gesture I feel a tingly sensation at the top of my spine. Yesterday, I tingled.

She said the most beautiful things about caring for our girls and feeling like we're family and happiness for our future son. She has two girls and then a boy, a similarity I've reflected on happily since we found out about our Groundhog's gender.

In a week when most of us are thinking secular thoughts of gratitude, this religious woman honored me with her traditions and her faith and I was so touched I tingled. We have so much to be grateful for, and that the kids brought such wonderful people into our lives is foremost.

E asked to sample the perfume and I put a dot on her wrist. Ymmm! she said, which isn't surprising, since that smell has cradled her days since infancy. Will I be smellful all day?

That the girls are so precious, that is foremost. This is a happy life, overflowing with blessings. Tingly full.

E says it best: I'm thankful for everything! Except for monsters. And bears. (Except for Hudson.)

There's no reason not to say it early and spend a little extra time reflecting on all our gifts - Happy Thanksgiving.

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a li'l bit squishy said...

Precious gestures from precious friends, I am thankful for them too. And I love that you have such a strong smell association!