Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bosomy maternal instincts

Ready to play, L? Okay. Here's what you do.

Take all the kids and line them up. You line your up; I'll line mine up.

Now! Take all the mommies and line them up behind the kids. The mommies stay with the kids and keep them safe. The mommies are the tall ones and the kids are all the short ones.

Now. You can move the kids, and when you move the kids move a mommy with every kid, because the kids like to keep their mommies with them. So move that one, good, L! Now move his mommy, too, because he needs his mommy.

Yay! Now I'll move my kids and my mommies.

See, L? We're playing! We're doing a very good job.

This is how you play CHEST. We're playing chest together!

November 29, 2009
Portrait of two little girls of partial-Russian extraction, showing absolutely no aptitude for this game whatsoever, but compensating with cuteness.

"It's not chesT, love, it's chess. CheSSSS."

Oh! L! We're playing cheSSSSS! Can you say cheSSSSSSSS? We're playing cheSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Pin It

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Emily said...

Chest! I love it! What sweet girls, and what a sweet game.