Saturday, July 11, 2009

Size matters

The house we're staying in has a beautiful master bedroom with a king-size bed. But we're not sleeping in it. It's on the first floor and the other three bedrooms are upstairs. We thought we'd better sleep upstairs near the girls, in particular so a mostly-asleep E doesn't fall down the steps while wandering towards us.

(So we're using that king-size as our walk-in closet. I spread all our clothes on it. Unlike past years when we've come to the beach and stayed in rental properties, this year we're in the second home of a family we know who generously lent it to us while they take their kids overseas for a few weeks. (I could live this life.) So when I opened drawers to find space in which to unpack, I found our friends' underpants. Open storage on the bed it is!)

We're sleeping upstairs in the room with the queen-size bed. E's sleeping in the room she chose for herself with the pretty flowered bedspread on a twin bed. And to my pleasant surprise, though she's never slept in a bed that narrow before and semi-regularly falls out of her full-size at home, she hasn't fallen out once. L's in the fourth bedroom, which has bunk beds (full on bottom, twin on top, twin trundle underneath). She's in a crib, though, which we rented and had installed in the bedroom.

Sometime last night L woke up crying and M went in to her room to shush her. Upgraded from his usual spot on the floor, he crawled in the spacious lower bunk and fell asleep. Sometime thereafter E woke up from a dream and wandered in to our room and took over her daddy's spot in the queen-size with me. Sometime after that, in the early morning hours, L woke up and her daddy brought her to my arms, hoping a morning cuddle would delay the inevitable alertness (it never does). I welcomed L into my arms and the daddy walked around to the other side, hoping to reacquaint himself with his pillow. Of course, he found E sprawled across it instead. So he lay down on the carpet next to the three of us in the comfy bed. Later, I asked him about it.

Me: "Weren't you cold and uncomfortable?"
Him: "Dude. Yes!"
Me: "Why didn't you go back to the bed in the other room?"
Him: "Both girls were waking up. I thought you wouldn't be happy about that."
Me: "Probably not. But what about grabbing the blanket from the other bed at least? The pillow?"
Him: "It was one of those things were every additional movement was going to take me one step closer to really awake. I ran a cost-benefit analysis."
Me:" So you ran a cost-benefit analysis and came to the conclusion that in your pantsless state the best choice of action was to lay down on the carpet with no blanket or pillow and try to sleep that way?"
Him: "I knew it would only be another 15 minutes of sleep at most. So, yes."

Tonight's our last night here in Delaware's version of paradise. Tomorrow it will be back to regular life, packing lunches, meeting work deadlines, paying bills. But: it will also be back to our king-size bed. Pin It


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Nonnash said...

You know what I took away from this post? Babysaway is the best idea ever. Oh, there was a story about M's kindness and self sacrifice too in there?