Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sparkly still life

June 18, 2009
Art projects on display.

The three-year-olds made science projects to commemorate the summer program theme of "Under the Sea." They dyed water and baby oil, added glitter and tiny seashells, poured it all in, glued the lids, and shook and watched, shook and watched.

The one-year-olds ate woodchips off of the playground like they always do, or something.

My three-year-old left her classroom at the end of the day proudly cradling her science project. My one-year-old pitched such an enduring tantrum when she tried to grab her sister's bottle and I told her she couldn't have it that one of the teachers quickly mixed her a little bottle of her own to carry out the door.

Not that either of my daughters needs any encouragement to be a squeaky wheel, but you would have thought L had just been handed the Nobel Prize the way she walked so regally out that door with her glitter prize in her two hands. You never saw a more (self-)satisfied grin. She can't speak enough to articulate this yet, but I'm sure if she could say it she'd tell us that her biggest wish is to be just like her big sister. Pin It


stepforddreams said...

Oh I hate glitter. It is like a cockroach. No matter what you do you can't kill it. It lives forever. It gets everywhere and you will always have little specks on your clothes, house, car. I have a glitter ban in this house even on the Tree at Christmas.

Inna said...

Can't remember how I found your blog, but have been enjoying reading it.
I love glitter projects. and I don't have kids yet, but I do have a younger sister (only a year younger) so I remember quite well how she wanted to do everything exactly like me.