Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Housekeeping

Being shy on a keyboard isn't really so different from being shy in person. Making friends across this invisible world takes the same gumption, the same vulnerability, the same doubts.

{do you like me? circle one: YES or NO}

I've always known I love to write. I haven't always known I love an audience.

{let's play MASH}

And I love the interactions - people I've never met yet think I know well. People who comment on my life and share pieces of theirs.

{mansion apartment shed house}

I'm getting the hang of the blog world, making friends with invisibles, and strengthening a few visible friendships with invisible strings.

I got an unexpected present on Friday. The lovely Stepford Dreams bestowed me with this:

Apparently I pay it forward to 15 blogs that I, in turn, believe are lovely. And here they are:

{i like you}

A Li’l Bit Squishy, whose writing is honest, and whose title reminds me of my favorite line from Bridget Jones' Diary (was that your inspiration, Shawna?)

Aesthetic Outburst, who broke my heart just today by announcing that she's leaving Buffalo. I first found Abbey by trying to reconnect with the Buffalo arts scene I once knew and loved. Will you tell us where you're going next?

Cease cows, life is short, who is inspiring for her uplifting outlook, which is refreshing for being genuine and yet not at all syrupy. Even in her grumpiest she sprinkles her writings with LOLs and HA HAs. Nino, I love that I'll never think you're some saint because you do let us see your flaws and doubts, but you should know that we all think you're smokin' hot.

For Fathers Only Is this a little girly for you, Fr. G? Tough! I think you can handle it, and I want shawarma. Plus, you know, you tell me I'm not invited, and I do love a reason to be a rebel.

Bad Grandma She's brand new on the scene, and yet has more admirers than most of us will ever have. I count myself among them. Would that all our foremothers spoke so openly to us.

Mama is… I fumble just to write. I wish I had the talent to express myself through drawing. This lady can do both. Not to mention, I always love what she's saying.

Ordinary Art She hits you over the head with what's on her mind and you'll find yourself begging for more beatings.

Modern Day Pioneers Simply put, this lady has a beautiful eye and a generous, creative heart.

SortaCrunchy Megan and I have fundamentally different beliefs about our most fundamental beliefs. Yet I just continually think that if we lived near each other we'd quickly become sister-friends. If she'd have me.

Ali’s Clean(er) Plate Club The politics of the plate and the politics of the heart are generally more interesting to me than the politics of the nation's capital just outside my door. Here you'll find both of the former presented via great storytelling.

World Momma I wish you would tell more! Siberia? Really?

This. Very. Moment. Christiana is very new to me but I'm enamored of her style style and her writing style.

Wiggle Rooms Sus is my favorite kind of lady: creative and honest. And, she also lives by the tug of similarly little ones.

The Women’s Colony Mrs. G., I'm not sure I understand just how soon I'll meet the minimum entrance requirements, but I'm putting dibs on a small waterfront cottage now.

And last but not least, my beloved Make Time For Love, who first made the shiddach between Stepford Dreams and me; who pointed this little gift out to me on Friday before I even discovered it myself; and who had some very kind words for me that day, the kind a heart saves forever, on a day that should have been about her. Her voice is one I'll always want around.

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Nonnash said...

Making me cry before a new driver’s license mug shot is not fair!

a li'l bit squishy said...


that's about as close as I can get to a circle. I did post once about my inspiration (which sadly was not a movie reference, i suck at movie references)my husband and I were disussing the addition of a few pounds during my last pregnancy when my then three year old poked me and said something to the effect of "I love you because you're a li'l bit squishy" and suddenly any body image trouble I was having melted away.

We can be real life friends too. email to shawnaellis AT gmail DOT com. 'cause, yes (circled) {i like you} too! Especially after I wrote my get lost post and you didn't. thanks :)

Ninotchka said...

you're too sweet. :)

ConverseMomma said...

I am so honored. I have been a horrible friend to everyone around here lately. I've just sorta tuned out. But, I'm back and reading, and caring, and enjoying you. Thank you so very much. You are an incredible writer, and this blog makes me believe you are an incredible person too.

aunt angie said...

A friend of a friend forwarded me the puh-china story, and I've been unable to tear myself away from your stories. I try to write down every adorable story about my nieces -- it's my job in the family to write down the great stories -- but so far I've missed a bazillion of them. I subscribed to your blog, and sincerely hope that you keep writing these lovely snippets of life.