Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still life after the amputation

We received a copy of Toes, Ears and Nose when E was born. We received a second copy as a gift from our insurance agent when we bought life insurance in recognition of her existence on the planet.

She destroyed both copies. There's something fundamentally nonsensical about board books for very small children made of flimsy card stock and cheap glue.

We received a third copy as a gift after L was born. Tabula rasa: intact flaps, pages not yet stuck together by dried drool, crisp corners not used for teething.

She does admire her sister so. Can imitation be written off as the sincerest form of flattery if the imitator wasn't alive yet at the time of the original act?

March 25, 2009
Still life with the ravages of early literacy

And we've reached the Second Coming of Strewn Body Parts.


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ConverseMomma said...

Is your Momma a Llama? This one fared a similar fate in my house. Death by drool and baby teeth.