Friday, January 16, 2009

That's what it's all about

The elder daughter was watching a little Backyardigans last night before her bedtime and the characters were dancing the Hokey Pokey and I didn't even realize I was humming along when E looked up at me quizzically and asked with some amazement in her tone, Mama, you know the Backyardigans' dancing song? When I nodded in the affirmative, the smell of rented roller skates in the back of my mind, and her eyes went all Betty Boop "My Hero!" on me, I offered to teach her how to Hokey before bedtime.

I knew there was an actual reason why it's so cool she knows her left from her right already.

We put our right arms in, and we put them out, and we put them in and do you know what we did next? We shook them all about. E loved this. We did our left arms, and we did feet and elbows and belly buttons. We did cheeks and shoulders and hands again because E was supplying the pieces and she loves to delay bedtime and she also loves to dance so finally I called "last one!" because we were really at bedtime, if not already past. I sang out "you put your tushie in! You put your tushie out..." and we wiggled our behinds while I sang the lyrics and she giggled with abandon until the verse was over.

I said, "okay, love, let's get ready to go upstairs" and I began to turn away from her with the intention of grabbing her milk cup. She stopped me, though, and exclaimed seriously, No! Mama!

I asked "what, love?" And she said, you forgot to put our vaginas in! She gestured a little Elvis thrust-thrust to indicate how that might go.

There is no chapter in any of the parenting books on how to say, "Look, sweetie, it's great that you want to be so equal-opportunity to all your parts but please don't pokey with your hokey any time soon, okay?"

So I smiled at her, offered to dance more with her tomorrow, and said only, "let's go to bed, love." Pin It

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Shannon said...

Knew that story was coming and still laughed out loud.