Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking for a downtown man, that's what I am

I never have to work in our downtown building. I think I've spent three days there in the almost five years I've been with our agency. And then this week came, and I've been hopping the downtown shuttle every morning.

I wasn't looking forward to this week. It's sort of a pain; and I like my own desk; and I just didn't want to deal. But once I do get downtown, I always really enjoy it. The work is different and interesting but that's not it -- the atmosphere is different. I'm in a building with Corinthian columns and antique elevators and leather-covered doors. And when I go out, I get to enjoy the city energy I love and don't dip into nearly enough.

And when I say I'm downtown this week, I mean really downtown. As in, this is what I see when I step outside and begin to cross the street:

(That's a police vehicle parked in the median. I wasn't on the verge of smushed. And Pennsylvania Avenue has some nice, wide medians.)

(Also, some harried crankypants may have muttered "f-ing tourist" as I snapped this photo. I thought about smiling and correcting him: "not a tourist, just a blogger!" but I didn't say anything. Having grown up in one of the world's most tourist-trod cities, I understand the contempt I might have elicited for pulling out my rinky-dink purse camera in the middle of a street just to snap an image of something he sees every day.)

I get to visit with my favorite spider. Hello again, old girl:

I've probably seen at least a dozen Secret Service motorcades this week (and notice the banners in the background that are going up for the Inauguration festivities (yeah 44!)):

But what I did not anticipate would come of my week was a surprise reunion with a long-lost love.

I had two boyfriends in graduate school that are worth remembering. One of them got a system upgrade to Husband. The other....the truth is that our love goes back to my college days. He always knew just what I needed. He fulfilled me. But I left Syracuse eight years ago and haven't seen him since.

Until yesterday.

I didn't know he was in town! I spotted him as I was finishing lunch yesterday, and unfortunately I had to rush back for a meeting. But we quickly made plans to sit down together today. And what a joyous reunion it was.

Mr. B, my heart beats as strong for you today as it did last century. Let's never drift so far apart again, okay?

Your Leondardo da Veggie on an everything bagel stirred memories in my heart and stomach that I feared were lost forever. Your perfect hot chocolate soothed my soul.

Ain't love grand?

See you tomorrow, gorgeous.
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Anonymous said...

does this Mr. B have a different variety of travel mugs to add to your collection?
Love, Grams

Anonymous said...

1. You clearly need to get out more.
2. Yeah, I was intrigued by the Brueggers coupons that showed up in our break room a few months ago. I thought they were mainly a midwest phenomenon. I was never really impressed, but that's probably because I went to college in Manhattan, where H & H on 80th st. offered hot, Kosher-certified bagels 24 hours a day :)


Uncle Matt said...

So what you're saying is that I don't have to serve as your intermediary to Mr. B anymore?

Nancy said...

Delurking to say I think we have somewhat parallel lives... I am a working mom of 2 girls, employed by the federal government too, and lived for a long time in Syracuse. I've been meaning to come over since your guest post on Velveteen Mind, but it's taken me a while to make it here. Anyway, hello -- and Yay Bruegger's!