Wednesday, December 24, 2008

(for the fourth candle)

37. Be a good storyteller.

38. Pay attention to details. God is in the details.

39. Develop a personal style for both your wardrobe and your living spaces.
40. Know what works for you (or on you).
41. Know what doesn’t.
42. Add classic pieces over time, as you can afford them.

43. Don’t be too cautious to enjoy a few trendy pieces, too.
44. Know when they’re no longer trendy.

45. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

46. Find your signature fragrance, even if you forget to wear it.

47. Sometimes pearls are the perfect accessory.
48. Be gentle to pearls.

49. Have something in your closet appropriate to wear to a funeral.
50. Have something (else) appropriate for a wedding or other formal event.
51. Have the appropriate undergarments, too.

52. Undergarments should remain under. Anybody who wasn’t in the room with you when you got dressed should not be able to tell what color your undies or bra are.

53. Heed your genetic legacy; invest the money in good bras. The unders you can get in multipacks from discount stores if you want.

54. Know how to walk gracefully in heels.
55. Spend most days in flats.

56. Don’t bite your nails.

57. Don’t fidget.

58. Learn how to apply makeup correctly.
59. Figure out a classic makeup look for you. And figure out a dramatic look, but don’t use it too often.
60. Never wear any at all, if that’s what makes you happy.
61. But you’re both so fair, my loves. Don’t skip the SPF. Pin It