Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A rose by any other name

I picked the girls up from daycare and we wished all their teachers a happy Thanksgiving as we walked out. E asked, when is Thanksgiving? and I answered "it's tomorrow." She countered, why isn't it today? and I (silly me) took the rational route, with "it can't be today, because today is Wednesday, and Thanksgiving is always on Thursday."

Then it was E's turn to be silly. Why does it have to be on Thursday? Why can't it be on Daddy? She giggled and giggled and giggled at her word-switch. (This is two-year-old's humor.) I got her sister's straps buckled in the car and came around to E's side to buckle her, as well. "Because, silly girl, it's called a holiDay, not a holiPerson." We spent the car ride talking about what holiPersons might be like, and what DaddyDay would be, and what LDay would be, and what MommyDay would be, and of course, what EDay would be.

This holiday, I would like to declare how grateful I am for the abundance of silly in my life.

Also high on my thankful list is the opportunity Thanksgiving is giving us by its place on the calendar (and not just by its marinade in essence of Thursday). With L's birthday in mid-December and E's in late January and both tree branches of family declaring their intentions to decamp to chez noteverstill for all granddaughter birthdays for all perpetuity, we have the unique circumstance of declaring Thanskgiving a nuclear family occasion. What a gift: to know this holiday is ours, for all time, and to grow annual traditions from scratch.

There is, of course, a turkey defrosting. There will be parade watching and football watching. There are new turkey plates. There is sparkling apple cider and there is wine. For snacking, there are colby jack cheese muffins. But what I'm most excited about is my new turkey cake mold. There will be a turkey cake! And I went to Michael's today on my lunch hour and established a very thorough collection of frosting dyes in reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Then E told me that the turkey cake will need purple, too. I didn't even hesitate. "Of course, my love," I told her. We will decorate a turkey cake in red, oranges, yellows, browns and purple.

There will be a first annual turkey cake. And I hope there will be the first of many annual series of turkey cake pictures. I'm so thankful for the silly in our lives. And I'll post the pictures, so you can be thankful, too.

A happy, healthy holiPerson, everyone.

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