Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cataloging the liquids

It's rained so hard all day that we never left the house.

I should hit 'publish' now and stop, because we never left the house. We stayed inside with the girls ALL DAY. Do you even want the details?

These glimpses will be enough for you to fill in the blanks, thereby sparing me from dwelling on it too much.

E's congestion prompted her to yell in the middle of lunch: I need a tissue! My nose is falling out!

L tried broccoli for the first time today. She did pretty well with it but chipmunked a few of the larger pieces in her cheeks for further macerating later, I guess. I picked her up out of the high chair and she gave me a huge, open mouth smile. The airborne angle and the open mouth poured half-digested broccoli chunks straight down my v-neck shirt.

I was playing Superman with E (everybody say it: up, UP, and AWAY!!!) where she grabs my hands and I lay on the ground and put my feet on her chest and kick my legs up in the air and she got so excited she drooled from three feet above me right into my belly button.

And the most delicious: L has a habit that makes me crazy of sucking on baby wipes. Every opportunity she gets, she grabs a wipe out of the package and sucks it. Ew (not necessarily in this order): that's wasteful, that tastes bad, and uck, what chemicals are in there for her snacking pleasure? I had just changed her diaper on the floor (just pishy, and you'll be glad about that in a second) when she reached for a wipe out of the package. I swiped it from her and scurried to get a substitute. I ran to the clean laundry spread out across the living room and grabbed a washcloth; I quickly dampened it in the kitchen sink; I returned to the family room to hand it to her. Poor substitute, I know, because it doesn't taste like those delicious chemicals. I was gone for less than a minute but in that time she had swiped another wipe and was sucking on it. I made her trade and she wasn't happy with me, but it was only a few minutes later when I stood up again that I realized what she had done. I retreived her diry diaper from the floor to throw it out, and that was when I discovered it unrolled, even though I always use the tabs to seal them closed. That wipe she had been sucking on, yep, it was the pee wipe from her dirty diaper. Yum, yum. Pin It