Saturday, August 2, 2008

Staggeringly nothing

That's what I've accomplished today. Not showered. Not opened the mail. It's 10:30 at night and L is playing on the floor, recovering from the third screaming fit of the night that interrrupted her sleep since I put her down just over three hours ago. She's teething.

She's teething, and wants to be held contantly. E's not teething, but sees L being held, and so wants to be held constantly. E got her last baby tooth nine months ago. Today she declared, I'm teething, too! I was looking for a bag of refrigeratable teethers I have stashed away somewhere, and I couldn't find them. E said, You'll just have to buy us some more tomorrow at the store. L should have a brown one and I should get a purple one. I gave her a toy to bite, one of L's favorites. It's made of wood, and E was unsure of biting it but had just requested a biting toy. She found a lot of gusto for biting it with fake conviction.

L wakes frantically if I put her in the crib or let go of her clutching hand. I've lost tonight's battle and will hope for a new tooth to report tomorrow morning. Six more nights until M gets back home. He's missing all the fun. Pin It