Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sensory issues aside, chocolate ice cream is still chocolate. So it doesn't matter that it's cold. But strawberries have holes, and "the holes don't taste good, Mommy." Edible strawberries are quartered strawberries, absented the evidence that they once sheltered a hollow cavity.

We've been boiling our water at home since Monday, when our neighborhood received water again after a day without. So at home I've been drinking from the three-liter bottles of Poland Spring I had stocked up on for the fam. I'd never ordinarily buy those bottles. So much waste. We filter through a pitcher system, and it's ordinarily good enough. But that bottled water is so silky smooth. So wrong, and so, so good. The boil advisory has been lifted, so I am going to have to go back to the pitcher system.

L rests her upper foot on my shoulder when she nurses. She can't concentrate on eating until that foot is elevated and secure on its perch.

I belong to a water cooler club at work, because the water fountain water tastes metallic and terrible. As much as I feel badly about bottled water at home, I love it at work because it comes in huge jugs that are recycled, so there's very little waste. And because the cooler is just feet from my desk, so I drink lots more water than I would otherwise, and I feel healthier for it. And because this desk, which I've only worked at since April, is the first desk in my 4+ year career in this building where I've been allowed to have beverages at my workspace. So it still feels like a treat. Ironically, on the same day my house water was restored, my water cooler club supply has run out of water. The next delivery is late. I'm drinking water fountain water.

E pronounces 'nothing' as NUCKIN. And it's my favorite word of all right now. I can't even re-pronounce it properly, I love it so much.

L is having a terrible time sleeping right now. She's still teething with no signs of actual tooth, but also the real culprit, I think, is the crawling. She's zippy on her belly but lately seems to have shown interest on lifting her belly off the ground as she moves. And she wakes up at the front edge of her crib, eyes still closed, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, like she's be absolutely ready to go somewhere if it weren't for that darned bumper and crib wall blocking her path. Yes, she's sleepcrawling, and it's keeping me awake at night.

M's Sunday softball league is almost finished for the season, unless his team miraculously advances in the playoffs this week. It's time to start planning Sunday adventures again. I'm thinking Butler's Orchard will be a good one - I've been told they sell strawberry hullers.

Another obstacle to L's crawling is that she seems to be interested in skipping the knees altogether. At least once a minute she quadropods herself - hands and toes on the ground, tush straight up. It's a dead-on imitation of her big sister's UPSIDE-DOWN ME!!! game. Except her big sister knows how to recover without resorting to belly-flop.

M's weekday softball league is still going strong. It's comprised almost exclusively of teams made from Congressional staffs, and also a few lobbyist offices and assorted related Hill outfits. For their last game, they were pleased to have discovered a neighborhood field to play in instead of fighting for space on the Mall. They got one inning completed when a kickball team showed up to claim the field for their game. They had a city permit to use the diamond. Raise your hand if you think it's as funny as I do that a bunch of legislative wonky types got booted by a rec league that was actually following the rules. Pin It