Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Contemplating commuting on a bicycle built for three

According to E, I buy blue gas and Daddy buys red gas. What that means is that I have a habit of stopping at a certain Exxon, whose eye-level-to-a-carseat pumps are primarily blue, and M tends to favor a Sunoco, of red-pumped extraction. When we pass an Exxon, E yells "Mommy, wanna get some blue gas?" and when we pass a Sunoco she yells "that's Daddy's gas!" Once M took her to a BP station and the notion of green gas was so exciting she was all a-tizzy.

We stopped for blue gas on the way home from work and school because I had less than 1/8th of a tank. And it's not even close to Memorial Day yet, and oh holy pick-your-noun, at $3.55 and don't forget the 9/10ths per gallon, I spent $55.66 to fill my mommycar. Pin It

Olfactory fatigue

I have a cold. I blew my nose, loudly.
E said, I no like that!
Then she turned to me, and commanded, Stop being sick, Nose! Pin It