Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Faithful companion

We here at NES have just received some Very Exciting News. Pampers has redesigned their diapers a bit. We got our newest box of size 4s today. There are now six characters on every diaper, which includes a Big Bird EVERY SINGLE TIME! E tore open a sleeve of diapers to sort into Big Bird and non-, and couldn't find a non-. Squealing abounded. She started piling them up.

"Look, Mama. A Big Bird. Hi, Big Bird. Another Big Bird, Mama! Hi, Big Bird. Anooootherrrr!!??? HI, BIG BIRD! And Hi, Big Bird and hi, Big Bird and Hi, Big Bird!"

I think she wanted to greet them all. All 70 of them in that opened sleeve. The only way to distract her was to suggest changing her diaper. Actually Put One On. She was so excited that she just couldn't pick which Bird should go first. And then when she chose, she wanted both Mommy and Daddy to change the diaper together, so momentous was this first taste of Big Bird Bounty.

So I slid her new diaper under her tush and opened the old one, and lucky me, she had poops so huge they oozed. So I had to gently break the news to E that the Big Bird she had just so tenderly selected to adorn her crotch wasn't going to get to stay. And she bawled. "But I want that Big Bird! THAT one!!" But then her hero, her Daddy, brought over an array of other Big Birds from which to select a replacement. And oh! to witness that bounty again! Squealing resumed.

To go from wearing no Big Bird at all to having two Big Birds touch her within one diaper change -- the joys and sorrows in her world are just seismic. Pin It