Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Half-past bedtime

L does sick like her sister does sick. She pretends she isn't until she absolutely crashes. So she and I played all day and I finally succeeded in getting her down for a nap at about 3:45pm. She slept until 9:15pm.

E came home from school and we Wiied and then we came upstairs from the basement for her dinner. I don't know what happened to her today in school -- maybe they harvested her internal organs for Playdough money? -- because she ate dinner for a solid hour. She ate two bowls of spaghetti, two bowls of cut up chicken schnitzel, and almost an entire zippy bag of sliced red and orange and yellow pepper strips. I finally cut her off because it was already past her bedtime and I was dubious that she was still hungry. Though she's never done this specifically before, I was worried that she was using food to stall against bedtime.

So we went upstairs and it was already past her customary bedtime but she changed into pajamas and we did our little routine and we climbed into bed and read two books and turned out the lights for our two minutes' snuggle and as soon as I got comfortable she declared, Mama! I need to put poops in the pot! And maybe she's the world's most tactical staller, but how do you dissuade such an expressed need?

One of E's favorite books is Knuffle Bunny Too and in it there is a line that says something like, At half-past bedtime, Trixie was all tucked in. It might be my favorite line from the entire corpus of children's literature in our collection. So this was tonight's half-past bedtime:

E was pooping by the light of only the nightlight, because I don't like to turn the bright lights back on after she's been in bed (because she's the kind of kid who will use any excuse to re-become wide awake). I was sitting on the little 12" stool she uses for reaching the sink to wash her hands. L chose that moment to wake up from her mid-afternoon nap. M retreived her and handed her to me to hold while he went downstairs to get her some Amoxicillin. E pitifully whimpered, Mama, I'm still hungry. So I yelled down to her Daddy to bring up the rest of the pepper strips along with the antibiotics.

So I'm sitting on a piddly stool cradling our sick kid who now has one pacifier and one pepper strip in each hand, encouraging our not-tired kid through an extensive pooping session, and simultaneously feeding her pepper strips directly into her mouth, because her hands have in recent seconds been wiping some non-potable things. L juggles and drops a paci or a pepper or two and I try to catch them before they hit the bathroom floor and in that second, E loses her own pepper strip and although she was the one who urged me to feed her because of the condition of her hands, her pepper hits the toilet seat and (YUCK!) before I can stop her she reaches and pops it back in her mouth.

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Anonymous said...

There once was a toddler called E
Who wouldn't sleep timely
But to put poops in the pot
Is better than not
And then she could sleep comfortably.

Love, Gramps

Anonymous said...

There once was a teether called L

Whose mom needed a breather, a spell

From the nights full of shrieks

And the diaperous leaks

But other than that, L is swell!

Love, Gramps