Friday, November 21, 2008

Portrait of Delilah

November 16, 2008

We've never cut E's hair. She was so deliciously bald for so long, this is all the hair she's ever had. As a person with the stickest-straightest hair conceivable I am addicted to playing with her hair-end curls.

As an infant her peach fuzz forecast a head of wavy hair. Every centimeter or so across the landscape of her still-solidifying skull the sprouts angled in a different direction. It's taken so long for those sprouts to turn into a full coif, though, and it's a sassy, squiggly non-conforming one.

I'm magnetically drawn to her curls but E usually aggressively shrugs my hands away. Sometimes, though, on Sundays when we're playing quietly while her younger sister takes her morning nap I'll pull out the laptop and E will watch videos of nursery rhymes on YouTube, and she'll sit on my lap and I can play with her curls forever. Pin It