Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ode to Listerine

Tomorrow at work I begin a new month-long training assignment. So I likely will not be able to spend the day slumped at my desk, nose-blowing and self-pitying.

E has a slimy, sad, icky cold. She's had it for a few days. I don't want it. But I feel that naysaying itch in the back of my throat. So I've been gargling. Kill the germs! Kill the germs! Kill the germs!

The thing is, E's been sleeping poorly. She's congested, she wakes up coughing, she starts crying. Then she coughs some more, and then, guess who she calls for? And guess where I spend the rest of the night?

Get some sleep, so says common sense. The best thing for a cold is to get your rest. But: what if that sleep is spent in the contrails? In the toxic wake? In the phlegmatic, wheezy exhaust of the germs' mothership? Pin It

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JS said...

Try Airborne.