Thursday, November 27, 2008

Four people, two birds

We had a low-key Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. We started with the parade.

Then we made a turkey cake. E was in charge of frosting it.

As the classic saying goes, kitchen crafts are naked crafts.

That's not a classic in your house?
We put it on the table in the living room because the kitchen was multicolored a little messy.

Then L woke up from her morning nap and we brought her downstairs. We forgot about the cake at infant height.

It didn't matter; that turkey was about to be eaten for lunch, anyway.

We all took a nap, and I went for a run. Then we ate this guy, too.

When I put E to bed tonight she asked when we can do Thanksgiving again. So we know our nuclear family holiday was a success.
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Kaylen said...

Ha---I love the naked baking baby!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope E doesn't ever need to take an injury timeout from these culinary tasks; that would be aching braking naked (naking?) baking forsaking.

Love, Gramps