Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love your body

Image via NOW Foundation.

Today is Love Your Body Day.

Put this right at the top of this list of lessons I want to pass on to my daughters. Girls, love your bodies.

My grandfather the biologist does not have a sentimental spirit. But I'll never forget how he marveled at E, his first great grandchild, when he first met her. It's a miracle, he said. All those cells dividing and multiplying and lining up, all the chromosomes and DNA transfer, all the opportunities for something to go wrong, and look at her. A healthy baby is a miracle. Look at her.

Put this right at the top of the list of difficult lessons to learn. Girls, loving your body can be hard. I promise I know that.

Don't, don't get too swept up in looking a certain way. Don't try to conform to a look that won't naturally suit you. Don't be too hard on yourself or your looks. Don't let anybody put you down. Don't let anyone make you feel ugly.

You're both healthy and strong. And not that this matters, but you both happen to be beautiful. You're both imperfect. You both have asymmetries. One of you has a crooked butt crack (it curves right) and one of you has a plugged tear duct. One of you has a sticking-out ear and one of you has two sticking-out ears. I'm pointing this out because when I tell you you're beautiful, I don't want you to think those words are meaningless. I'm not putting you on a pedestal; I'm not blind to your flaws.

But. But. You are beautiful. And you are strong. And most importantly, you are healthy. Your bodies are healthy. Your bodies will carry you through many trials, probably, and many triumphs. Your bodies are not perfect but love them: they're what you have, they're yours and yours alone, and they are Awesome. You are walking/talking//crawling/babbling miracles. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the girls are beautiful and bright and have an amazing adventure of living before them. I love them. Period. Just the way they are. Miracles. The future. Our collective history. Remarkable. Pure joy.
Love, Grams