Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coming full circle, like the moon. Or pizza.

In which the two-year-old's endless monologue serves, at least, to demonstrate her comprehension of similes and synonyms, even as it simultaneously serves to stall the advancement of bedtime:

And the song says the moon looks like a pizza pie AND it looks like a lemon pie. The moon is round like pie and there are two pies. And Laurie calls the moon both things. Like I got dressed in my unders. And you call them unders and Williams calls them underwear and I call them unders, too, but sometimes I call them panties because Lulu calls them panties and Tariq calls them underPANTS. And if I bless [bless = sneeze] again I will need a tissue because of the ickies. And at home we call them ickies but at school we call them boogies. So if I bless and the boogies come out those are ickies. But if I bless and then I sniff the ickies will go in my throat to my belly and I will have a tummyache. Or a bellyache or a stomachache, right? What do we call it? (Whichever you want.) NO!! What do WE CALL IT? (I usually say tummyache.) O-KAY! And also you can have a tummyache if you eat too much food. But L can't eat too much food because she can't EAT PIZZA. She's too little for pizza, and she's too young. Right, Mommy? Pin It


flickrlovr said...

2 year olds are the epitome of random.


But oh so gosh darned cute!
(Found you through AllMediocre, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

When I tell my friends or acquaintences that E never stops talking, they all smile sweetly, but I can tell they are thinking: Yeah, right! But, E really does never stop talking. And then your brain has to work overtime to keep up and follow the logic. Hmmmm - could be she got this trait from her mom. I so well remember the days of brain freeze and praying for peace. Now that I have them, I miss the jabber. So enjoy it while you can. In a blink of an eye it is past history.
Love always,