Friday, June 27, 2008

This is not a pipe


I recently won a new Nikon Coolpix, bringing to fruition my desire to have a point-and-shoot for just-in-case kinda moments. Something light and easy to keep with me. And it just came in the mail and I'm in L-U-V love. So I made plans today to use my lunch hour to stop at a camera shop to buy a big, fat memory card for it.

And then, and then! Not only did my glorious husband procure Wiggles tickets this morning, he also won the radio show's weekly grand prize. It's a big ol' digital data storage thingie, a wonderful new gadget for the mama with one camera whose card holds over 1000 pictures and a new, second camera with a spankin' new card that can hold 640 (another whole 640!) of those just-in-case kinda moments. Aa-aaaahh!! That's the sound of a chorus of angels singing. And you know they're swathed in purple. You thought I had an uploadin', photo-editin' backlog before? Just wait and see what happens now, I say, rubbing my hands and cackling softly. I have my Big Bertha D40 (though with a better lens than that link illustrates) and a just-in-case Coolpix, and I can document EVERYTHING.

If you happened to be driving through my neighborhood yesterday evening, you might have heard a disgusted, frustrated, irritated plea: MOMMY! PUT DOWN THE CAMERA AND GET THE SOCCER BALL! I might have heard it, too, but I will not confirm any rumors regarding the source of this audial pollution into the quiet dusky breezes.

So my daughters, my gorgeous, interesting, photogenic (ESPECIALLY when you grimace), endlessly entertaining offspring, two warnings:

1) If you choose to become famous, either by needing to go through Senate confirmation hearings or by becoming an MLS superstar, stay on my good side, because I'll have Everything The Inquirer Will Ever Hope To Get Their Hands On; and

2) I've got two sets of lenses now, babies. No matter where you are, no matter where we go, I'll get you, my pretties. Pin It


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psu-jedi said...

OMG! THAT was YOUR Mark?

I was listening yesterday, and heard the wins, but didn't realize it was Mark. Of course, I didn't read your blog until this morning, so had I read it earlier in the week, I would've know, and I would've been yellin' in my car!

BTW, I got on air about a week ago when they were talking about attention spans of men and women, not sure if you heard that one or not. I got a good laugh out of all of thme!

Anonymous said...

Backlog will grow?!?!?! Can you hear me groaning from here? Where are the May photos? June is almost over and still none from May. Your girls have a fan club and I need more pics to show off. Do I have to fly down there and take my own? Wait - that doesn't work; we're too busy to grab the camera. Last trip I came home with 4 usuable photos. To paraphrase E, I NO like backlog!
Love, Grams