Monday, May 12, 2008

And the rain was upon the earth

It rained all afternoon. And all evening. And promised to rain all night.

Just as we were ready for bed a terrible piercing noise started screaming from the basement. It was the sump pump alarm, but we didn't know that right away because we'd never heard it before.

There were inches (plural, people: inches!) of water in our crawl space. It hadn't yet flooded over the retaining wall into the real basement, but some boxes were wet. And touching the waterproofed plastic floor felt like stroking a waterbed - there was a lot more underneath.

Mostly wet was stuff we quickly decided we didn't care about, don't know why we had it, who would ever bother keeping such a thing. But tonight I do have ahead of me a very spectacular paper-towel-interleafing project with my freshman year high school yearbook. (Go Powercats, Go!)

We mopped and we sopped and we bailed. Repeat. We mopped and we sopped and we bailed. Repeat.

And then L woke up. And not the sort of wake-up that included a quick return to slumber.

And then I realized that I had forgotten to pack my lunch, on the eve of a four-day project at our in-the-middle-of-nowhere has-no-cafeteria warehouse.

So at 2 in the morning, M went back downstairs to mop.sop.bail.repeat.

And I stuck L in the swing and made lunch.

I think around 3 we all went to bed, after M was convinced that the still-slowly-rising waters were slowly-enough to be ignored for three hours.

And E woke up at five minutes until 6.

And M ran downstairs to check the water and decided he needed to stay home today. Project Save the Basement was going to have to come before work, even though his huge annual conference is less than three weeks away. But it's the basement – his refuge – the space we just finished less than nine months ago.

And E had a meltdown, because I told her I was leaving early for work, and Daddy was going to take her and L to school today. Even though he was going to then return home to staff Project STB. Because I needed to be at work substantially earlier than usual, to catch the shuttle to the aforementioned godforsaken warehouse.

And E's meltdown woke up L.

And I tried to leave the house.

And M tried to calm/dress/pack two girls, by his poor self.

And then he dropped his glasses, and the pin broke and a lens popped out and bounced on the ground.

And then I took 85 minutes to get to work on a 30 minute commute, because of down trees, downed wires, standing water and road closures, power outages turning traffic lights to four-way stops, and an improvised route. And I only didn't miss my shuttle because someone forgot it downtown over the weekend and it had to be retrieved. Which means I could have taken the girls into school myself.

And then M took the girls in to school himself, taking 80 minutes on the same 30 minute commute. Only he did it driving through a storm that made the sky look like dusk while wearing his prescription sunglasses.

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Karen said...

Wow, that's quite a day. Much more hectic than life in Chez Cohen!

Anonymous said...

I saw M in the "Bunny Room," and I must say he did look quite frazzled.
Now I feel bad that I was too busy pouting about my wet shoes (and lack of wellies) to ask how he was ... not that anything more than a defeated "fine" would have been uttered ...