Friday, May 9, 2008

Savings and loan

M's new office building opened three months ago, with the promise of a free parking spot for him in the garage. However, the garage is still not completed, so M is temporarily paying the daily rate at a commercial lot down the street, and being reimbursed at the end of the month. Meanwhile, though, he's going through more cash than we are accustomed to using. I opened the garage door the other morning to retrieve my wallet from my purse, which I had left in the car. E asked me what I was doing and I told her I needed to get some money to give to Daddy. "Me, too!" she said, and ran off. I was puzzled by her response but didn't think much of it, because weekday mornings are generally crazy enough without trying to understand the workings of a two-year-old. I returned to the house, cash in hand, to find M and hand it to him so I could get the girls in the car and go off to work. Just as I rounded the corner to find M, E came running into the same room. "Here, Daddy! I got monies! Monies for you! Here, Daddy!" She had gone into her purple satin purse and pulled out a wad of play money. She thrust it into his hands, and then grabbed it back. "Wait! I need one money back!" She took one bill off the top, and then handed the wad back to M. "Here, Daddy, you can have this. But I needed this one for L." She then took the toy dollar in her hand and dropped it on L's changing table. "That's for L, Mommy. Let's go to school now." Pin It