Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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If you missed the first half of this episode of Give Us This Day Our Daily Rant, you can find it here. And now, for our dramatic conclusion:

Many hours after I typed the first half of last night's post, M woefully admitted that he carefully reviewed his old emails, and there was, in fact, a notification from Air Tran about our flight change and reschedule. But it was from the first half of APRIL. And he didn't pay any attention to it, because he more or less just thought it was our itinerary being sent to us. And people, he's a busy guy. But anyway. I refuse to rescind my Air Tran rant, and here are my supporting reasons:

Both at BWI and at Rochester whatever-it's-named Airport, your check-in staff were surly with us. It should not be MY job to lighten YOU up just to get my transaction completed.

The one checked-bag-per-ticket thing might be a growing trend, but you don't have to be so smiley about it. And if we were allowed to check the infant carrier, instead of removing L at the gate and gate-checking her carrier, per your own surly (see above) employee's suggestion on how to loophole your own stupid rules, we could have both boarded and disembarked with much less complication, thereby alleviating much stress of (see my next point).*

You have no family pre-boarding policy. You also make no effort to make it easy for a family with two small children and a wider-than-the-aisle car seat to board without leaving welts on innocent passengers' foreheads. Or, at a minimum, to assign us seats closer than three rows from the very back of the plane.

Your in-flight service will happily offer me high-fructose corn syrup masquerading as health in VitaminWater, but you don't have any milk for my daughter. And you don't have any tomato juice for me, but you're happy to offer me more high-fructose corn syrup, in the form of a processed bloody mary mix. And pass that off as tomato juice. Yuck, anyone?

*Not to mention, I might have been able to reassemble my family and our belongings that much more quickly after running the security gauntlet, thereby perhaps having more likelihood of keeping said family unit intact and not nearly shutting down Terminal D.


Dear Air Tran,
You might technically have let us know with plenty of warning that our flight plans were "altered." But you still suck and I'm not sorry for anything I said.
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Uncle Matt said...

Well said!

Also, let's call them by their original name, ValuJet. This isn't exactly a company known for looking after the best interests of its customers.