Saturday, April 5, 2008

Still life with Sesame Street taxonomy

April 5, 2008

E has long preferred her Pampers to have Big Bird on them over any other character. In her size 4s there are four or five characters on a given diaper so we can often, though not always, accommodate that request. And she's learned that when we're out of Big Birds, we have to empty the basket of all the other guys before we can open a new package for more of our big yellow friend.

L's size 1s only bear one puppet likeness at a time. As L hasn't taken to expressing her own opinions verbally yet, we never minded this limitation. But then E started asking that every diaper of L's be changed with a Big Bird diaper. So now we keep them sorted -- Big Birds are prominently up top for when E's around to scrutinize, and all the second-class citizens of the Street live down below for when L's tushie changes are unchaperoned. Pin It