Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still life, classical reinterpretation

April 10, 2008

I hadn't planned to post a still life tonight, but this composition was arranged right in front of me. On account of M leaving for his business trip this morning I went to the grocery store late last night. What didn't need refrigeration just stayed in the paper bag on the kitchen floor to be dealt with today, because I was exhausted. Also on account of M's business trip, our next-door neighbor Maddie came over to play with E this evening while I got L to sleep. Maddie is a great girl who really wants very much to guide E to do the right thing, but who is simply no match for E's impulses. I was occupied nursing L on the couch in the family room right before taking her upstairs to bed and when E decided to unpack the remaining groceries, at first Maddie tried to distract her, and quickly realized she'd be more useful by going along with the activity. Because E dragged the grocery bag across the kitchen floor and down the step into the family room. Because she felt the only appropriate place to unpack those groceries was the family room. And then she decided to stack the items that she liked. And sweet Maddie was just trying to protect the produce from too much bruising. The bottom and middle layers were all E's, but that last mango on top was Maddie's handiwork, much to E's glee.
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Anonymous said...

With all those black beans and fresh fruit, it is no wonder it can take two Big Bird diapers to clean Ms. E's tushie!
Love, Grams